Cannabis Ag Management

is a full-service outdoor cultivation management company based in Sonoma County in the heart of California‚Äôs cannabis country. We offer consulting, site development and site management. We draw from a wealth of experience in cannabis cultivation and tractor-scale organic vegetable production systems. We are passionate about advancing the art and science of cannabis cultivation to provide consistent, high-quality material with low costs of production.  Whether it is 10,000 square feet or 10 acres, we are ready to grow your success from the ground up.

Agronomic systems expertise, equipment, and efficiency





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We perform all aspects of site development, using our experience and knowledge to guide your cannabis farm from the ground up. We carefully tend to your individual needs and goals, and we ensure that the development process is orderly, timely and cost effective. 

Access to auto-flowering
and standard genetics

  • Access to auto-flowering and standard genetics

  • Irrigation design

  • Soil preparation and amendments

  • Irrigation and trellis installation

  • Planting and establishing the cannabis transplants

  • Compliance




We offer a full spectrum of cultivation site management services, from crop planning through harvest. When our team becomes your team, you can be certain that your cannabis is being expertly managed to maximize quality and maintain your bottom line. 

Full-service site operations, including:

  • Canopy management

  • Crop estimations

  • Harvest

  • Transportation of harvest

  • Clear communication with your company throughout the growing season

  • Supervising existing on-site labor

  • Providing labor and equipment for specific tasks

  • Irrigation, fertilization and plant protection

  • Repairs, maintenance and improvements

The Cannabis Ag Management team was a pleasure to work with. They grew thousands of pounds of quality material and kept costs of production well below the industry standard. I was thankful to hand over management to professionals. They freed
me up to focus on other parts of my job.
— Vinh Huynh, General Manager, Soma Rosa Farms Sonoma County, CA